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  His head throbbed and his neck was stiff as he regained consciousness. He couldn’t see anything but he could tell there was a blindfold tied around his head. He made a loud mumbling sound as he tried to speak. The pain around his mouth as he tried to force it open told him the duct tape was secure. “Oh good. You’re awake finally. I guess that cabinet was heavier than I had thought.” The voice was soft and feminine. She sounded young as well. Late teens he suspected. The weight of her footsteps indicated that she was heavy set or wearing heavy boots. The thud of her steps got louder.  He could feel the ground below him vibrate with intensity as she approached him. In a moment of searing pain the tape came away from his flesh. He sucked in as much of the warm air as he could in a gasp for oxygen and pain. His back ached from his neck down and he couldn’t feel his left leg. The temperature of the air was only surprising in that it had been early mid morning when he entered the barn. Thi


Cover image for chapter 2 of DARK DESIRES. PROBLEM SOLVING appears in red text over a faded black and white image.

This wasn’t the first time he had ever done this. Sometimes it was easier than other times, but it was always the same result no matter how it felt. There wasn’t a lot he could do to stop it though.

A quote from PROBLEM SOLVING is laid over a black and white image of someone putting on socks.

He had woken up that morning knowing it was time. The intervals were irregular but he always knew when it was time. Like the hands of a giant clock ticking along with perfect rhythm inside his heart. He had no explanation, he just knew when it was time.

It started when he was a kid. Moving into adolescence most boys get urges and desires. Probably girls too, but he couldn’t speak to that. Based on the playground conversation with other boys he wasn’t even sure that he got the feelings that they did. His were — different.

A quote from the PROBLEM SOLVING short fiction piece is laid over the black and white image of a high school kid opening a locker.

Fitting in was part of growing up. Or trying to fit in was, as he had learned from TV. He related to the kids in the sitcoms that seemed to be struggling to find their round way into square holes. TV taught him something else too. All your secrets will be discovered.

He did well hiding his secrets well into high school. He would sneak out at night, something his parents surely expected from a teenage boy. He would return in the morning and he would take his punishment. Being grounded for a few weeks wasn’t much punishment when you didn’t really have friends or hobbies.

On the cusp of adulthood things were getting harder to hide. He moved away for college but that didn’t last long. He struggled to focus as his desires became more intense than they had ever been. He spent too much time under the veil of darkness and that had a profound effect on his grades. It only took 3 semesters to be ejected from the school.

A quote from the PROBLEM SOLVING short fiction piece is laid over a black and white image of a college university sign.

He returned home to his loving family. They took him back without hesitation but not without question or concern. They made the obvious assumptions of course; he was chasing girls, partying too much, and too lazy to do his work. They wanted him to get a job, learn to be responsible, and straighten out his life.

He tried. He tried hard. He found a job working as a gas station attendant just outside of town. The pay wasn’t great but there weren’t a lot of customers. He had a lot of down time most days so he accomplished a lot of reading. He really enjoyed reading true crime novels and criminal profile essays.

A quote from the PROBLEM SOLVING short ficiton piece laid over black and white imagery of an old service station.

His parent’s saw his work as a dead end opportunity. They made it clear that they were happy that he had found a job and was working regularly. It was the foundation of being responsible. But they wanted him to grow and pursue something that they saw as more prestigious in his free time. Living at home became quite contentious.

Something had to give. They couldn’t see that he was happy with his job. He had done what they asked, and yet there was still a problem. There was always a problem. When he was a teenager it was sneaking out. When he was in college it was partying. And now as an adult it was his job. They always had a problem with his life.

He awoke that morning still angry from the argument the night before. His parents gave him an ultimatum. Either get a better job, or get out of their house. They weren’t going to support him doing nothing. So he chose the third option.

A quote from the PROBLEM SOLVING short fiction laid over black and white imagery of angry fists.

It wasn’t pleasant by any means. He did what he had to do. They would never understand who he was and they had made it clear that they weren’t going to support him anymore. So he took care of his problem so that he could live his life on his own terms.

The police ruled it a homicide but they couldn’t find any leads in all the gore and mayhem. The trail went cold in a few short days and the case was eventually dropped. His younger sister was four short years from adulthood, in the eyes of the law, and so a judge granted him custody in the face of tragedy.

The insurance company couldn’t find any loopholes to stop the death benefit payout either, so he collected a half million dollars. The trauma was a perfect disguise for selling the family home and buying a small quiet house outside of town. It was an old farmhouse on a few acres with a raggedy old barn and no neighbors for miles.

He took care of his sister, worked his unassuming job at the fuel station, and spent his spare time working the property he had purchased. In a few short years things were pretty normal. His sister had worked out her trauma in therapy and he secretly worked out his dark desires while she slept. Things were perfect.

A quote from the PROBLEM SOLVING short fiction piece laid over black and white imagery of a man and woman walking away close to each other.


Thanks for reading the second part of DARK DESIRES. This was the story of how Jim grew up to become the sort of evil that he is and how truly pirvileged but misguided he must be. But this isn't the end. There is still something even more sinister at play.

Check back next week as we get back to Detective Wreech and learn more about what is really going on. If you missed last week's story feel free to go back and check that one out. If any of the images or quotes stand out to you, feel free to save them to your device and share them across social media.

Again, thank you for reading. It means the world to me. Drop a comment below or tag me on social media with your thoughts.



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