Banner image for the third chapter of Dark Desires titled THE INTERROGATION.

His head throbbed and his neck was stiff as he regained consciousness. He couldn’t see anything but he could tell there was a blindfold tied around his head. He made a loud mumbling sound as he tried to speak. The pain around his mouth as he tried to force it open told him the duct tape was secure.

“Oh good. You’re awake finally. I guess that cabinet was heavier than I had thought.”

The voice was soft and feminine. She sounded young as well. Late teens he suspected. The weight of her footsteps indicated that she was heavy set or wearing heavy boots. The thud of her steps got louder.  He could feel the ground below him vibrate with intensity as she approached him.

In a moment of searing pain the tape came away from his flesh. He sucked in as much of the warm air as he could in a gasp for oxygen and pain. His back ached from his neck down and he couldn’t feel his left leg. The temperature of the air was only surprising in that it had been early mid morning when he entered the barn. This was afternoon air. Time had passed.

Her voice sounded fake and muffled, almost as if she were trying to disguise it. “Who are you?”

He took a moment to catch his breath. It hurt in his rib cage when he tried to speak. “Ted.” He whimpered.

“Why are you here, Ted?”

It was amusing to him how hard she was trying to fake her voice. But who is she? He had watched the house. There shouldn’t have been anyone here. “I’m just looking to buy a home for my family. I saw this house listed online and stopped by to check it out.”

She broke character as she chuckled a bit. “Liar. This house isn’t for sale.”

“2563 Plainfield road. I looked it up with my wife last night.”

“That’s the wrong address. That house is half a mile down the road with a for sale sign out front.”

“An honest mistake.” He groaned with pain. “Can I go? I’m in a lot of pain.”

“Go where? I still don’t believe you were at the wrong house. I saw you come in. You seemed pretty intent when you pulled up.”

She must have been watching him the whole time. He had been careful to make sure no one was home. It was Jim and his sister that lived there. Jim had taken her down to the bus stop at the end of the road this morning and then came back 20 minutes later. He spent an hour in the house and then left again. Who was this girl?

He started to wriggle his eyebrows up and down to get the blindfold to move. Even a tiny bit of light would be welcome. “I was just looking around. The property looked empty and I thought this was the property I was looking for. I would have double checked the address if there had been somebody home.”

“There was somebody home. Me.”

“The whole place looked empty. You don’t have a car or anything?”

The girl laughed a hearty laugh. “I don’t drive. My brother says I don’t need to worry about those kinds of things.”

Well she at least revealed something. Jim’s younger sister. But he took her to the bus stop this morning. Wreech had seen that from his hiding spot. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

The girl scoffed at his question. “I’ll do the questioning here, Mr. Greene. So why are you really here?”

“I told you. I was just looking at the house. I didn’t realize it's occupied.”

“So you came to look at a house but I found you in the barn. Strange.”

Wreech sucked in as much air as he could and squeezed out a response. “I looked the house up online last night. I didn’t see a barn in the photos. I was curious.”

He could hear her slow and steady footsteps make their way around behind him. He was suddenly wracked with pain as he felt her fist make contact with his ribs. He would have doubled over if he weren’t tied to a chair. He sat there whimpering in pain. She tugged at the blindfold and it fell to the ground in front of him.

The light was blinding for a moment but his eyes refocused quick. Across from him was a table. Laid out on the table were his flashlight, gun, and badge. The ruse was definitely up.

“Do you want to start over Mr. Greene? Perhaps with your name?”

His head hurt, his back hurt, his ribs hurt, and he couldn’t feel his leg. She knew he’s a cop. And she got the drop on him. She might be as sick and twisted as Jim — allegedly. “My name is Detective Wreech. Owen Wreech.”

“Oh good. Finally some honesty. And what are you doing here, detective?”

“Because your brother isn’t who you think he is. The accidents and tragedies in your life weren’t as accidental as you think. I came here to find proof.”

“So you’re breaking into my house to tell me disturbing news about my brother that you don’t even know is true or not? That doesn’t sound very professional.”

“I didn’t know you were here.”

“And that makes it ok? I knew you were up to no good when we saw you sitting in the trees over there. Good thing I didn’t let my brother send me to school.”

Didn’t let him? She knew he was watching? She knows about his dark secret. “Look. Just let me go and we can pretend this never happened.”

She of course laughed at this. “How does that work? You go back to town beat and broken and no one asks questions? That doesn’t seem likely.”

The sound of a vehicle pulling up followed by the slam of a door came from outside.

“Sounds like my big brother is home. Yay!”

Wreech could hear the footsteps as Jim walked around to the open side door and entered the building. His sister yelled across the room. “Hey Jim. You won’t believe what our guest told me. He said you killed our parents.”

Both Jim and his sister had a huge laugh as he approached the interrogation area.

“Is that so, Rachel?”

“That’s what he said.”

Jim took a moment to walk around in front of the hostage as he looked up.

“Good to see you one last time, Detective. Sounds like you know too much for your own good. I have a way to solve that problem.”


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