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This wasn’t the first time he had ever done this. Sometimes it was easier than other times, but it was always the same result no matter how it felt. There wasn’t a lot he could do to stop it though. He had woken up that morning knowing it was time. The intervals were irregular but he always knew when it was time. Like the hands of a giant clock ticking along with perfect rhythm inside his heart. He had no explanation, he just knew when it was time. It started when he was a kid. Moving into adolescence most boys get urges and desires. Probably girls too, but he couldn’t speak to that. Based on the playground conversation with other boys he wasn’t even sure that he got the feelings that they did. His were — different. Fitting in was part of growing up. Or trying to fit in was, as he had learned from TV. He related to the kids in the sitcoms that seemed to be struggling to find their round way into square holes. TV taught him something else too. All your secrets will be discovered. He did
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