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  His head throbbed and his neck was stiff as he regained consciousness. He couldn’t see anything but he could tell there was a blindfold tied around his head. He made a loud mumbling sound as he tried to speak. The pain around his mouth as he tried to force it open told him the duct tape was secure. “Oh good. You’re awake finally. I guess that cabinet was heavier than I had thought.” The voice was soft and feminine. She sounded young as well. Late teens he suspected. The weight of her footsteps indicated that she was heavy set or wearing heavy boots. The thud of her steps got louder.  He could feel the ground below him vibrate with intensity as she approached him. In a moment of searing pain the tape came away from his flesh. He sucked in as much of the warm air as he could in a gasp for oxygen and pain. His back ached from his neck down and he couldn’t feel his left leg. The temperature of the air was only surprising in that it had been early mid morning when he entered the barn. Thi